INTRODUCTION: Use this software to create your monthly budget.
CHOOSING FROM THE LIST: The left hand side of the software window contains a list of optional items to add to your budget. First, click on an item name, such as "Cell Phone". Upon clicking on the item, it appears in the "Item Description:" text input. Next, enter the monthly cost of that item in the "Item Cost:" text input. If correct, click on the "Add" button to add it to your list. It will then appear in the "Budget" text input.
ADDING A CUSTOM ITEM: If you want to add something to your budget which is not on the list, just type it into the "Item Description:" text input. Next, enter the monthly cost of that item in the "Item Cost:" text input. When done, click on the "Add" button.
REMOVING AN ITEM FROM YOUR BUDGET: If you want to remove something from your current budget, either select the item from the left side list, or type in the item in the "Item Description:" text input. Next, click on the "Remove" button, and the item will be removed from your budget. Please note, if you do not enter the exact same description before clicking on "Remove", then the item will not be removed.
OPEN IN NOTEPAD: Click on this button, and Windows Notepad will open containing the text of your budget. You can then save it as a backup, or print it out.
COPY TO CLIPBOARD: Click on this button and your budget will be save to your Windows clip board in plain text format. You can then paste it into another program's text input.
SAVING YOUR BUDGET: You can save your budget for future updating by clicking on the "Save" budget. Clicking on the button erases any previously saved budget, and then stores your budget in a file in your default Windows documents folder. Next time you open the Swift Budget Tool, it will automatically display your last saved budget. I recommend that after you change your budget you always open your budget in Notepad, and print it out as a backup, in case something goes wrong.

Licence: Freeware (Donations Welcome)
OS: Windows 7 and later
Version: 1.0
Published: June 3, 2017