Pick Starting Color: Click on the "Color Picker" button and a standard color picker will open. Choose the color you would like to have as your background. When you submit the dialog, the sample box will all go the color you picked. The text is still there, you just can't see it because it is the same color as the background. Your other option is to pick a color name from the drop down list, and the sample box will change to that color.
Random Color Combos: Click on this button and the text and background colors will automatically be generated for you. Keep clicking till you find something you like.
Invert Colors: Click on this button to swap the text and background colors.
Lighter Text/Darker Text: Keep clicking on these buttons to make the text color lighter and darker.
Lighter BG/Darker BG: Keep clicking on these buttons to make the background color lighter and darker.
Choose A Font: You can choose a font from the drop down list. The Sample text will change to the font you choose.
Choose A Font Size: You can choose a font size from the drop down list. The Sample text will change to the font size you choose.
Bold/Not Bold: You can toggle the sample text between bold and regular text.
Copy CSS To The Clipboard: This software generates the CSS code for you. Just click on the button above the CSS input, and the CSS will be copied to your clipboard. Just paste into your CSS or HTML document.
Favorites: This software can "remember" up to 4 favorites at a time. When you find a color combo you like, click on the "Add To Favorites" button, and the CSS will appear in the favorites list. Your options are to "delete" favorites from the list to make room for better ones, and to "view" each saved combo in the sample text box.

Licence: Freeware (Donations Welcome)
OS: Windows 7 and later
Version: 3.0
Published: June 1, 2017