Calculate Taxes: Click this button to open a window where your can calculate the taxes for each of your purchases. You can click on "Use as Cost" button to automatically add the amount to the main window.

Description & Cost: Enter an item in the green "description" box, and then the cost in the other green "cost" box. When done, click on the "Add To List" button.

Remove Item Form List: To remove an item from the list, enter the item's number in the red text input, and then click on the "Remove" button.

Your Budget Calculations: At the bottom of the window, the following amounts are displayed: "Available", "Total Cost", and "Left Over". To find out the calculation, first enter an amount in the "Available" input, and the left over amount will be automatically calculated.

Open In Notepad: When your shopping list is completed, you can click on the "Open In Notepad" button to open your list in the Windows Notepad text editor for printing, and to save.

Licence: Freeware (Donations Welcome)
OS: Windows 7 and later
Version: 2.0
Published: June 4, 2017