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Swift List Maker 2
Swift List Maker 2
This Software can be used by web designers to quickly generate HTML lists, such as:   <ul>   <ol>   <select>   Software programmers can also use this software to help with coding repetitive lists.
Swift List Maker 2
1) Choose the "Type of List" from the top left corner.

2) If you choose a "CUSTOM LIST", then type in the "Preceding Text" and "Following Text".

3) Optionally, choose from one of the "Pre-Made List Topics". If not, type in your custom "Plain Text List" at the bottom of the window.

4) Optionally, you can "Manipulate" the plain text list. The options are: "Alphabetical Order", "Uppercase", "Lowercase", and "Capitalize All Words".

5) When you are done preparing, click on "Generate List" to get your HTML code and then either open it in Notepad, or copy it to the clipboard.

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